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27+ Years of Experience with the skills of Pain & Palliative care.

Dr Vivek loomba is a Pain Management Consultant at the Indian spinal injuries center hospital, Vasant kunj, New Delhi. He specializes in managing patients with both acute and chronic pain. The acute pain management services is provided to postoperative patients, who are in pain after various surgical procedures, like spine surgeries, joint replacement operations and trauma patients undergoing various procedures. The chronic pain patients include patients presenting with persistent pain, lasting over several months to years.

Dr Loomba manages patients using multimodal pain management techniques. This includes use of medications, various nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation, physiotherapy and behavioral therapy. He is a sincere, dedicated professional, working around the clock for the welfare of his patients. Dr Loomba is skilled in performing various pain procedures, like nerve root blocks, epidurals, facet joint injections, knee joint and sacroiliac joint injections, radiofrequency ablation of various joints, insertion of spinal cord stimulators etc. In addition to managing his patients, Dr Loomba is also very keen for academic, research and teaching activities. He has been facilitated for his outstanding research. His research work has been published in leading medical journals. Dr Loomba has also trained junior doctors and nurses in managing pain patients.

Dr. Vivek Loomba



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Acute Pain

We manage post operative patients undergoing various surgical procedures like joint replacement surgeries, spine deformity correction operations, trauma patients etc. These patients are usually managed with intravenous medications, and sometimes regional nerve blocks and epidural anesthesia.

Chronic Pain

Patients are diagnosed to have chronic pain when pain has been persisting for over 3-6 months. The chronic pain can be caused by several conditions, like cancer, disc prolapse, arthritis etc. Such patients are best managed by multimodal pain management techniques, involving use of medications, nerve blocks, physiotherapy, psychotherapy etc.

Breakthrough Pain

The term implies providing additional pain releiving medications to patients in addition to the already prescribed drugs. These medications are taken on 'as and when needed' basis rather than around the clock intake. As a result, it leads to much better pain control with the least possible drug dose.

Bone Pain

Bone pain can result from fractures, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis etc. The bone pain treatment includes not only managing the primary condition but also prevention of further deterioration and worsening of symptoms.

Nerve Pain

Nerve pain usually results when there is pressure on a particular nerve from the adjacent structures. The conditions include trigeminal Neuralgia, lumbar radiculopathy (disc prapse/sciatica), post herpetic neuralgia etc. These patients are ideally treated by a combination of Neuropathic medications and nerve blocks or radiofrequency ablation of the involved nerve.

Phantom Pain

The phantom pain can be very painful and also very difficult to manage. The term is reserved for patients who feel pain in the amputated body parts. Such pain can last for several months, and even years. A judicious approach for such patients warrants the use of medications, nerve blocks, and devices like spinal cord stimulators and intrathecal pain pumps. Adjuncts like mirror therapy and behavior therapy have proven benefit.

Pain Management: Treating Mind and Body

Pain is a very common condition. The occurrence of pain rises as people get older, and women are more likely to experience pain than men.

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